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Who is Steve Kaufmann?

I speak 20 languages today. It wasn’t always this way. I didn’t have trouble with French at school, but I never learned to speak. It was a subject like many others, and I really wasn’t very interested. Only after discovering a better, more enjoyable way of learning languages, did I begin to learn languages quickly.

The method that I discovered, and refined through learning many languages, has become more powerful than ever in the age of the Internet.

I am convinced that anyone can learn a new language. You just need to be motivated, and have the right method. After a career as a diplomat, business executive, and entrepreneur, I am now finally able to devote myself to my true passion, learning languages and teaching others how to learn languages. I have written a book, maintain a YouTube channel on this subject with 435,000 subscribers, and am co-founder of LingQ, an online language learning platform.

Steve the Polyglot

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