You can become fluent in an another language if you want so...

You just need to:

  • believe in yourself and have the right attitude
  • put in an hour a day
  • use a system that LingQ!

Try LingQ

*LingQ is an online language learning system and community developed by The Linguist Institute.

My Method

Until I was 17 I only spoke English. I had studied French for 10 years in school but I could hardly say a thing. It was then that I realized I would never learn using traditional methods. So I developed my own methods for language acquisition, which you can now use to learn English online.

I speak 16 languages fluently and I'm working on my 17th! My ability to speak many languages has brought me much personal success and enjoyment. My system will help you dramatically increase your English vocabulary so that you don't just learn to speak English but you learn to speak English well!

Everyone is capable of becoming fluent in a second or third or ninth language! I will show you how to unlock the ability all humans possess to communicate in whatever language they choose. My system works! I have proven it and our LingQ members continue to prove it every day.

I don't have a magic potion or a secret formula but I have developed the most efficient way to learn languages and it doesn't include classrooms and memorizing grammar rules. All you need is the desire to communicate and the right system. The LingQ system!

Learn languages from what you're interested in!

One of the first things I realized was that a language learner has to be motivated. That's why at LingQ you will only learn languages from authentic, interesting content. We have a vast library of real life articles, stories, interviews, radio shows, novels etc... from which you can choose whatever interests you. If you are interested in what you're reading, you will be motivated to understand it. If you are motivated to understand it, you will!

Dramatically increase your vocabulary!

To learn any language you must expose yourself to that language. A lot! How did you learn your first language? You heard it all the time, in many situations. You have to do the same with a new language. Read and listen to as much content as you can. But you first have to understand it. This means dramatically increasing your vocabulary using LingQ’s patented vocabulary learning system.

Systematically train your speaking and writing!

After all the language exposure and vocabulary training you will be ready to write and speak. LingQ's writing system is designed to teach you to write like a native speaker. It teaches you the phrases used by native speakers so your writing sounds natural. When you speak to LingQ tutors you will find yourself using the same natural phrases. If you want to work on pronunciation, you can do that too!

Set goals and measure your results!

So often when learning a language it is hard to tell if you are getting better. That’s why we measure everything you do. How many words you know, how many words you have learned, statistics on your writing. We keep track of everything and measure this against goals you set. Meet your goals and you will be amazed how fast your languages improves!