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Learning Languages Should Be Fun

My name is Steve Kaufmann and I speak 16 languages fluently. For years, I had trouble learning languages. Only after discovering a better, more enjoyable way of learning did I begin to have success. And now, in today's online world, my method of language learning is even more effective.

There's no secret

If you want to learn a language, a good place to start is to read TheLinguist Manifesto. The first thing to understand about learning a language is that it is not like learning math or science. It is more like training a muscle. You will learn by doing the right things regularly. The more intensively you do them, the better and faster you will learn. Check out my my book on language learning to see my methods in action.

Motivation and Efficiency

The keys to language learning success are motivation and efficiency. What's motivating? Real-life situations, real content, meaningful communication. Combined with the right online system, available when you are, and the resources that allow you to maximize your learning, you will improve your language exponentially.

The Importance of Input

People will tell you the most important thing in learning a language is studying grammar or speaking with native speakers. Grammar and speaking can help you, but the most important thing when you learn a language is a lot of exposure to genuine content. You can't become fluent in a language without a lot of exposure to a language! With no grammar instruction, you were able to speak your native language fluently before entering school. This is because the brain naturally learns languages with enough exposure.